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We had, of course, many cats on the farm when I was a kid, but they were just "there"; Silver was the first cat that I actually considered a pet of "mine".

I named her Silver because her over-all gray hair appeared silvery in sunlight. This set a pattern for the future, as many of my cats have been named after physical attributes. Not very imaginative, I guess.

One of Silver's many adventures involved a 1952 Ford Fairlane that I used to drive around the ranch and to the store for school. I piled into it one day to go somewhere, fired it up and started to pull away. From under the hood, I heard "ping": Just the one ringing sound of something hitting a fan blade.

With a sense of certainty that I have sometimes had since then (given so little evidence) I immediately stopped the car and shut it off. I got out and opened the hood, and there was Silver, lying in the engine compartment.

I took her inside and we set her up in a box in front of the heater. She pulled herself into an upright prone position and then sat there for 2 days, never apparently moving a muscle.

Finally, she came out of it; seemingly with no permanent damage.

Silver has been gone for many years, but I still remember her as my very first pet.