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Tom and Jeri

Tom and Jeri also get a shared page. As kittens, they were both black, with only a white markings on the chest: Tom's was a wide triangle, point down, and  Jeri's a fairly equal-sized diamond.  Otherwise, they were so alike there was no way to tell them apart at a quick look. They were offspring of one or the other of Star or Bright.

I called them the "Squeak Brothers", with whoever was leading as "Squeak I" and the other as "Squeak II". (Because they squeaked, of course, with identical little squeaks.)  I came to realize that one of them was always the leader (the one with the triangle) and, as they were always running around together, battling together, and etc., I named them Tom and Jerry.

Boy, was that a misnomer. It was the vet who informed me that Jerry wasn't a he, so I changed the name to Jeri.

Tom grew up to be a big, strong male, not rangy but well-filled out. He liked to be combed and/or petted, and clubs me with his tail if I'm not "doing my job".He also likes to hang (facing backward) over my shoulder.

Sadly, both have passed away, yet more victims of feline leukemia; Tom passed away August 9, 2012. I didn't record the date of Jeri's passing.