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Star and Bright

I decided to share the page for these two, because of how they came to be named.  They were so close to identical that I could not tell them apart for the longest time: Both are/were black short-haired with identical white star/diamonds on the chest. I named them Star Light and Star Bright and, I'm sure, swapped the names many times.

Finally, I discovered that if you looked at them carefully side-by-side, Star Light had eyes that were slightly more yellow-gold, while Star Bright had eyes slightly more green-gold. Their mother was Sunny.

I tried shortening their names to Light and Bright for a while, but this definitely confused them so I switched to Star and Bright.

Star has passed on (from feline leukemia), but I am still owned by Bright.  Today she is a little chubby, a lover mostly, but likes to take swipes at my ear from the top of the refrigerator.  She is also the most prone of my brood to rush the door and escape, but she never knows what to do with outside once she's escaped and always gives up quickly.

Both had kittens, four each. Because of the flea problems, only three survived kitten-hood of one litter and two of the other, but I no longer know which was whose.  The pairs were Tom and Jeri; the threesome: Amy, Sammy and Char.