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Sammy, properly Samuel, is gray-tan with black stripes, like his grandmother Sunny, and unlike his mother, which was either Star or Bright (both were unrelieved black). He is brother to Amy and was brother to Char.

He was named after a co-worker, who has moved away; and I can't give a good reason why (it just seemed to fit).

Sammy is the boss of the household (so long as you don't notice that Tom is the real boss).  Like Mr. Arnold, Tom is laid back and is fine with Sammy running everything so long as Sammy doesn't try to run Tom.  He is more rangy than Tom; not nearly so heavily built.

Sammy likes to be held in particular ways: Close to the chest while he sits on his tail end like a little human. He'll look sideways at me out of those eyes and just purr like everything is perfect.  He also likes to be combed now, but not as much as Tom.  I don't know that he actually enjoys either, or enjoys personal contact. He's just conservative.

Sammy passed on, July 13, 2013. He pined after Amy passed on, then became sick and finally had to be put down. The loss of Amy was more than he could bear.