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Grace was named that because she was amazingly graceful when she was younger. She could walk the length of a series of foam-plastic bowls, all placed together, without disturbing a one.  They tell you cats are graceful, but she was exceptional in this regard; most cats would at least knock the bowls out of position.

Grace is long-haired gray-tan with black stripes, like her mother Sunny.

Today, she likes to make my life miserable when I'm serving food.  She's too chubby now to avoid knocking bowls over, but she still likes to walk the length of them, knocking them over and making my life hard.

She likes to be combed.

She once had 8 kittens in one litter! Unfortunately, none of her kittens survived.  Three of them died from fleas (which can literally bleed a kitten to death) and the others died from an attempt on my part to deal with the fleas, which made me very sad.

Word to the wise here: Kittens are extremely sensitive to pesticides. Fleas, unfortunately, are not. (I had some trapped in a baggy and sprayed it full of a flea killer: I swear all they did was get high and hold a rave.)