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Alice was gray-tan with black stripes, like her mother, Charlie.

She got named because, when she was still very small, she had a great adventure. She was just old enough to get around with ease, when she managed to escape the house. I didn't know that until the morning and went to see if I could find her outside (after I concluded she could not be inside).

She was waiting, huddled up, under the bedroom window, and she certainly looked forlorn. Definitely the end of her wonderful life. Then she saw me coming, pulled herself up and you could almost hear her say, "Are you ... yes, I know you!!! Boy am I glad to see you!!!"

So: Alice in Wonderland, right?

She was a loving kitty, if far too handy with those sharp-sharp claws. But, from adolescence on, she was always sick with feline leukemia. Finally she succumbed, in November 2011; sadly ending her grand adventure.