Sunny's Family

Sunny was a walk-on, who never really reached the point of owning me.  She was another one of those that came in from nowhere, and has since drifted into the mists. She littered five kittens: Grace, Charlie, Star, Bright (all female) and another I never named, who has also wandered into the mist.

Grace, Charlie, Light and Bright all had kittens as well (8 for Grace!) but I had a serious problem with fleas at the time and, between the fleas and feline leukemia, only a handful have survived. (Did you know that fleas can actually bleed a kitten to death?)  The remaining three are: Sammy, Tommy, and Amy.  Between the fleas and the feline leukemia, the others, including Alice, Jeri, and Char, have passed on.  Life has been hard for this family.