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Steve was another transient.  He is short-haired, and overall creme white; the only short-haired white I've seen around here. He left eye is bright china blue and his right eye is golden; one of two here with asymmetric eyes. He also has the Siamese voice; that, the creme color, and the blue eye indicate clearly there is some Siamese in there somewhere.

I named him Steve as an abbreviation for "stevedore", which he reminds me of both in build and voice.

He's probably either a wanderer or a drop-off.  He's friendly and I think he'd like to become an owner.  He doesn't seem to get along really well outside; he's always got wounds (some not so minor) from his struggles with other males.

He's probably either a wanderer or a drop-off.

Finally, he disappeared and I don't know what happened to him.