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Shadow is the passer-by who stayed.  I fed her outside for the longest time before ever so slowly leading her to adopt me. She owns me now, though. Unlike Minus, she was very wary at first. But now, like Minus, she is dedicated to the relationship; more like Minus than any other cat I've had. She still comes and goes, both outside and inside.

At the time I convinced her to move in she was outside-only and clearly never had been an indoor cat.  She's taken to it, though; is a good companion indoors.  She did that for the food, of course, but has discovered the wonders of being combed. Just the head. It's so important that she learned to rub her ear to notify me it's time for a comb.

Physically, she's now chubby, black all over, no white markings at all. While she was still outside-only, a neighbor had her spayed; so she has right ear clipped to record that.