Mary was one of Mom-a-San's kittens.

Of all of the cats listed here, Mary is the only one who actively disliked me.  She never relaxed in my presence; always indicated displeasure.

So how did her brood come to own me?  Well, obviously she didn't really own me, but the neighbors thought she did.  When she had her kittens, they caught her and brought her to me in a box.

I had to keep her caged while her kittens were very young. As they got older, I would let her out within the house, to try to make her more comfortable, but she moved the kittens continually and was continually watching for an opportunity to escape. Despite my care, she finally succeeded; abandoning her kittens, who were then raised by Edie, along with her own brood.

Having escaped, she apparently ran far and fast: I never saw her again.