Edie was an orange tiger-stripe but, like her mother Mom-a-San, was very small. She was always quite timid.

I can't say that she ever really properly owned me, despite the fact that she hung around a lot.  Like Mom-a-San, she was always afraid of the other cats and wanted to be out and away.

The only real concession she made to me was the birthplace of her kittens: Like any good mother cat, she had looked and looked and looked for a good place to have her kittens, but when I set up a box for her, she immediately accepted that as the place.

She was a great mother, always loving to her kittens; and then, after Mary escaped, to Mary's kittens as well. The overall family was: Arnie (Mr. Arnold), Badger, Bandit (Bandito), Fluff, Freckle, Leopard, Moon, and Puff.

I don't know what became of her.

I think her name was derived from the letters "E D", but I don't recall why anymore.