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Mr. Arnold

Mr. Arnold was one of the Edie's brood. He was short-haired, light yellow striped with white markings.

I originally named him "Arnie" after Arnold Schwarzenegger; even when he was very small it was clear he was going to grow up big (big feet for such a tiny kitten); that and his rather close-set eyes led to my identification of his namesake.  Much later on, I called him Mr. Arnold, mostly as a joke, and he made it immediately and completely clear that he preferred that name. Mr. Arnold it is.

He was big, too, but not particularly noisy. In fact, he was rather laid back: Moon was the man of the house and ran roughshod over everyone.  But, one day when I was gone, something happened because suddenly Moon no longer ran roughshod over Arnie: The difference was very obvious.

Sadly, Mr. Arnold passed away in April 2012, after a long bout with feline leukemia.