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I think Fluff is very aptly named. She is mostly white with orange markings and very long, fine fur. As a kitten, she looked like a little ball of fluff that blew in from somewhere. I think she was born to Edie, but I'm not certain; she looked a lot like Puff and one was born to Edie, one to Mary (I may have mixed them up).

Fluff has always been the troublemaker. She was the one that would do something (that I never saw) that would cause every other cat in the house to scatter for the tops of counters, bookshelves and such; while knocking everything over on the way. She was the one that always growled at the others; and always fought.

She is a bully and, like all bullies I think, uses it to cover her personal insecurity.

She's still around, but no longer will own me, really. I recently tried to move her inside, but she will not make peace with the other cats in the house, so I have given up on that.

Fluff passed away August 9, 2012, after a long decline following a huge infection she caught earlier that year.  It healed, but she never really recovered fully.