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Bandito was originally named Bandit because he had a bandit's mask on his face: A complete mask, including the cheek pieces, all in his dark orange.  Overall, he was a dark, rich reddish orange stripe, with white markings. I'm not sure if Edie or Mary was his birth mother though, of course, he was raised by Edie.

Bandito had several names, depending on my mood, including his original Bandit, Bandy-toes, Bandeet-ohs and his preferred Bandito. Very much preferred: He was my first experience with a cat that self-selected a preferred name.  (I called him that one day, and he immediately made it clear that he liked the name.  He also made it clear he especially disliked Bandy-toes, but that's another story.)

While he was here, he was a close friend.  He liked to ride: To be picked up and carried to the mailbox or the woods or wherever. When he was outside, it was like magic how he would show up if I went out and headed toward the mailbox. To this day, I still don't know how he always happened to be handy when I went out, but never visible beforehand.  Maybe he was a true Cheshire cat?

He disappeared: I don't know what happened to him.