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Badger was very long-haired, dark orange with faint stripes and white markings. She was one of the few of Edie's brood who didn't follow suit (I think she was Edie's baby instead of Mary's, but I'm not sure).

Why "Badger"? Well, when she was first born, she had a coat of long, fine hair, out of which grew dozens of what looked like whiskers. She had a coarse overcoat and fine undercoat, just like a little Badger.

Sometimes I regret giving her that name, but I was never been able to find another she liked.

As an adult, she had a very thick coat of very long hair. She loved to be combed or brushed; and had to be, or she would get knots.

She was the matriarch of the brood: No one challenged her, not even Moon (even though he pretended to the throne).  After the rest of Edie's family was gone, she sort of retired into friendly companionship with some of the members of Sunny's family.

Her favorite hiding place was behind the dryer, on the floor. When she would come out of hiding, I would hear her climbing a combination of the wall and the metal of the dryer; one of the weirdest sounds ever. As she got older, I don't think she fit there anymore, though. She was, by far, the heaviest of my cats; a regular butter-ball.

Like many of Edie's brood, Badger passed away from feline leukemia; sometime in late 2013, after Sammy passed.  I was so bruised by losses that year t hat I never bothered to record it and don't know the exact date.