Edie's Family

Edie was the main mother for my third-wave brood, even though some of them were born to Mary. As I tell in Mary's page, she abandoned her brood the very moment she figured out a way to escape. That left Edie to rear the lot, which she managed with aplomb.

Her consolidated family was: Arnie (Mr. Arnold), Badger, Bandit (Bandito), Fluff, Freckle, Leopard, Moon, and Puff.

Edie and Mary were both orange tiger-striped (fine stripes) short-hairs with white markings--and that ran true in the kittens. Of all of them, only Badger, Fluff and Puff did not follow suit, and even they were orange and white or vice-versa.

Of all of this family, the only two still around are Badger and Fluff.