Kitties Home

This site is about my various kitty friends. This has been a broad assortment, beginning with the Originals, Silver and Minus, the first two cats who owned me.

After Minus, who was one of the originals, there were then a fair number of walk-ons, some of which turned into families and some of which were just passers-by.

Mom-a-San and her two sibilings, Tiny Baby and another unnamed, walked on next. Mom-a-San then had a small family of her own, Edie and Mary, who between them fostered a large brood that became Edie's family.  That family is mostly gone now, with only Badger and Fluff remaining.

Then Sunny walked on, fostering a large brood of her own.

I'm afraid I have not been consistent about obtaining pictures of my friends; and those pictures I do have are not organized.  Someday, if I can find them, maybe I will put some of them up on the site, but right now it is without pictures.

Anyway, enjoy.